• MapleStory R: Evolution-ID

    Game ini menampilkan beragam pertempuran, koleksi, kultivasi, interaksi sosial, dan pertarungan tim. Sekarang siapkan karaktermu untuk bertarung dan menang dengan mudah!

  • Zero to Hero: Pixel Saga

    I was originally an ordinary businessman who had suffered the torment of the workplace and the ups and downs of life. One night after get off work, I was hungry and stepped into a convenience store to get some food... I...won the prize? With a dream in mind, I devoted all my strength to crack the golden egg, and suddenly! A beam of light flashed before my eyes, and my body was absorbed by the crack in the eggshell. I tried to break free, but to no avail... I... Turned into an egg! When I emerged from my shell, I looked like a handsome knight. What was going on? "Captain, it's time for us to set off, time waits for no one." The voice behind me interrupted my thoughts. Along the way, I made some insinuations and discovered that I had become the leader of the Princess Saving Knights! Just like the previous scripts, we fought the dragon together and finally won and rescued the princess... But the adventure is far from over. In the chaotic world and arrogant thugs, "I" wil