#OB #OpenBeta #GrandOpening

:2023-07-20 11:45

#OB #OpenBeta #GrandOpening

Since the official Facebook fan page was launched, the most anticipated news for all adventurers has been the opening date 

of the Open Beta!

And now, CM Mushroom is here to announce it —The Open Beta will officially start on July 27, 2023!! 

Are you all excited, adventurers? Don't worry! Before the launch, CM Mushroom has many exciting updates in store for you. 

Make sure to stay tuned to the official fan page so you don't miss any news! 

Pre-registration is still ongoing, so keep moving forward to the next milestone, adventurers!



Pre-registration Page➤https://bit.ly/3oLYG9u

Dual Store Pre-registration➤ https://bit.ly/43cBm31

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