#Idle Treasure Hunt, Explore Effortlessly~

:2023-08-15 22:31

#Idle Treasure Hunt, Explore Effortlessly~ 

Let's see where CM Mushroom has hidden its treasures, shall we?

Quickly follow my footsteps and embark on a journey to become a treasure-hunting expert!

You will surely be able to discover plenty of rewards!

Treasure Hunt Guide:

STEP 1: Adventurers need to find the hidden images of Orange Mushroom labels under the hashtag #MapleStoryR in content from influencers.

We will also update videos with clues on the treasure hunt page: (to quickly find different stages of clues) https://msrsea.rastargames.com/treasure/

STEP 2: While watching the exciting videos, pay attention to the text next to the Orange Mushroom labels, which contains the clues.

STEP 3: Combine the clues to form an English sentence and enter the correct sentence on the treasure hunt page (not case-sensitive or with spaces) to receive rewards~

STEP 4: New treasure hunt stages will be opened intermittently, and after answering correctly at each stage, you will receive a mystery redeem code!

It's time to test your observation and thinking skills.

The faster you solve the puzzles,

the richer the rewards you will get~

Come and become a treasure hunting expert in "MapleStory R: Evolution"!

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➤Discord⏩ https://bit.ly/mapleRDC


➤Dual Store Pre-register⏩https://bit.ly/43cBm31

可能是包含下列内容的图片:上面的文字是“MapleStoryR Evolution Become a Hidden Phrase Hunter and Win ****** Idle Treasure Hunt ハフ”