Pixel adventure RPG “Zero to Hero: Pixel Saga” kicks off pre-reg

:2024-03-29 18:07

The brand new pixel adventure RPG “Zero to Hero: Pixel Saga” officially announces the commencement of pre-registration in Southeast Asia today! Completing the pre-registration will instantly grant you a powerful SR character, and reaching each stage’s pre-registration target will unlock numerous luxurious rewards such as iPhone 15 Plus, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and more! Additionally, the official announcement states that the Closed Beta Test (CBT) will commence on April 2nd, inviting Android players to participate in the trial. Limited slots are available, so don’t miss out!

Embark on a heroic journey starting from “Zero to Hero” in this immersive pixel adventure

Feeling stuck in a rut with life lacking excitement or facing various challenges at work that have drained your joy? Why not consider reincarnating into the pixel world of Zero to Hero? Begin your journey from a humble “zero egg,” embark on the path of redemption, and immerse yourself in stunning pixel landscapes. Wield your sword and become the hero who wins the heart of the beauty. During leisure moments, indulge in relaxing activities like fishing and mining, bond with pets, because saving the world also requires a work life balance!

This time, you’re guaranteed to have an exciting draw! Zero to Hero starts with 2024 free draws! A vast array of heroes awaits you, featuring exquisite illustrations and pixel characters. Players can use the “Claw Machine” gameplay in the Trendy House to grab their favorite heroes, freely mix and match character lineups and skill combos to form the strongest team! Additionally, by completing the main storyline adventures and extra rewards, you can also obtain eggs of different rarity for free. Breaking open these eggs in the “Gacha Machine” gives you a chance to win various virtual treasures and SSR-grade characters!

Upgrade your SSR heroes to five-star quality to unlock stunning sexy Live2D illustrations that will make your heart race. Which beautiful girl will you choose as your fighting partner? Gotta gacha ’em all!

In addition to powerful characters, stylish stellar beasts and mounts are essential for your adventure! The unique stellar beast development system ensures you obtain the strongest combat power. Sweep through various unique dungeons, defeat bosses for abundant rewards effortlessly!

After battling as a fierce hero for a while, when you feel like taking a break in the fantastic pixel world, you can relax with various activities like fishing, mining and jump quest mini-games. Joining a guild also allows you to socialize with experts and engage in exciting guild competitions, combining relaxation and socialization. Explore more of the colorful isekai life awaiting your discovery!

Pre-registration rewards extravaganza! Could you be the new owner of an iPhone 15 Plus?!

“Zero to Hero: Pixel Saga” pre-registration is now open! Head to AppStore or Google Play to pre-register and receive the SR character Vishapheo and 2024 consecutive draws instantly! The official also has set up a phased reward plan, where reaching pre-registration targets unlocks grand prizes like iPhone 15 Plus, Galaxy S24 Ultra, iPad Air, PS5, Nintendo Switch OLED, and more! In addition to physical rewards, there are plenty of virtual rewards such as recruitment coins, diamonds, rare eggs, gold coins, and more! What are you waiting for? Invite your friends and family to pre-register together, and you might just win the grand prize!

The upcoming CBT (Android only) starting on April 2nd warmly welcomes players to participate in bug-catching activities, game guide collections, and other community events with rich prizes waiting for you; For more details, please follow the official community~

Pre-register in stores: https://topgame.onelink.me/e3af/hesfdx86

Pre-register page: https://topgame.onelink.me/e3af/46e4yhvt

Official Facebook: https://topgame.onelink.me/e3af/jhkj87uh

Official Discord: https://topgame.onelink.me/e3af/mg2q5qyd