#Zero to Hero: Pixel Saga #Discord #Gift

:2024-03-28 00:00

#Zero to Hero: Pixel Saga #Discord #Gift

????????The official Facebook group and official Discord for [Zero to Hero: Pixel Saga] have been released! Join the official community for a chance to win diamonds, recruitment tokens, SSR shards...and even the iPhone 15 Plus! ????????

Sunny can't wait to chat and share tips with you, so come and join us!????

❗Click to join now❗

????[Official FB Group] : https://www.facebook.com/groups/823218962970505

????[Official Discord] : https://discord.gg/yrYyv8wASf

????How to Join????

1. Click Join Discord Community

2. Say hello to everyone in the Discord community ???? chat channel and post a screenshot in the comment of this post.


From adventurers who join Discord and leave a greeting screenshot in the ???? chat channel, 10 adventurers will be drawn and rewarded after OB

⏰Event Time⏰

Deadline: 00:00 on the official OB day