#Zero to Hero: Pixel Saga #HeroInheritance #ResonanceSystem

:2024-04-02 00:00

#Zero to Hero: Pixel Saga #HeroInheritance #ResonanceSystem

????Hi adventurers, you must have doubts about how to choose and cultivate heroes in the early stage of the game, may the following Tips help you promote to the great master!????

1️⃣. In terms of lineup combination, it is recommended to use a main ADC + 4 auxiliary output/treatment combination mode. Focusing on cultivating the main hero, the other heroes can be upgraded to a specific star level to ensure the effect is exerted.

2️⃣. There is a function of non-destructive replacement of heroes in the game. Adventurers can inherit the hero's level, gear, ornament, runes, etc. when replacing the hero in the battle. What's more, heroes of the same quality can also be inherited between the artifacts! With such a resource-sharing setting, you no longer have to worry about waste!

3️⃣. Although the hero‘s star level can not be inherited, adventurers don’t have to worry about failing in hero selection at the beginning! When adventurers reach Lv.52, you will unlock the resonance system, which allows you to resonate with two heroes to achieve the same star level and awakening level. Even if you don’t choose the right hero in the beginning, you can quickly change your heroes through the resonance system!

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