Exclusive Welfare Coming Again

:2024-05-24 11:54

#Zero to Hero: Pixel Saga #Draw #Welfare

Greeting adventurers!Exclusive Welfare Plus again!

A top-up rebate + lottery draw event is coming.

Rastar web page top-up can not only get up to

28% rebate, but also get up to 316 times of lottery draw!

Participate in the event:


Per Lottery Rewards:


Recruitment Token*5

Optional Material Chest*50

Optional Universal Artifact*2

Optional Orange Rune Chest*1

Optional Red Rune Chest*1

Silver Veil*1

Optional Primostone*1

Event Rules:

Lottery draws obtain:

1. During the event, daily top-ups of any amount of order on

the Rastar page, you will receive one lottery draw. 

Only available once per day and the next day reset.

2. During the event, you will receive additional lottery draws

if the accumulated top-up on the Rastar page reaches

a certain amount. 

There is no limit to the additional lottery draws per day

and will not be reset.

3. During the event, the lottery draws of daily top-up and

the accumulated top-up can be obtained at the same time, 

and you can receive lottery draws of up to 316 times.

Calculation of top-up amount:

1. During the event, the daily top-up and the accumulated

top-up are calculated in US dollars (USD)

and using a fixed exchange rate.

2. The fixed exchange rates for each region during the event

are as follows:

Thailand: 1THB = 0.027198 USD

Singapore: 1SGD = 0.737515 USD

Malaysia: 1MYR = 0.209527 USD

Philippines: 1PHP = 0.017388 USD

Indonesia: 1IDR = 0.000062 USD

Event Time:

May 25th 00:00 - June 07th 23:59 (UTC+8) last for 14 days


1. The number of lottery draws obtained from daily top-ups

and the accumulated top-up will be automatically issued

to the corresponding top-up account, with no need to claim manually.

2. Rewards from the lottery draws will be automatically distributed

to the selected character's mailbox, with no need to claim manually.

3. This event only applies to orders placed on the Rastar web page.

4. Adventurers can go to FaceBook to seek GM's assistance

if you encounter any problems or have any suggestions.

5. The final explanation of the event

belongs to Zero to Hero: Pixel Saga.

Overall Jackpot Probability:

Diamond *1000: 26%

Recruitment Token*5: 26%

Optional Material Chest*50: 23%

Optional Universal Artifact*2: 15%

Optional Orange Rune Chest*1: 5%

Optional Red Rune Chest*1: 1%

Optional Primostone*1: 2%

Silver Veil*1: 1%